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LI 2019 168

READINGS OF TRADITION: The Comical in the Contemporary Serbian Literature (II) (edited by Igor Perišić)

Goran Lazičić, Elena Messner
Humor and Paranoia in the Prose Writing of David Albahari and Svetislav Basara

Igor Perišić
Laughter Catalogues and Discourse Trans-Correctness in the Fiction of Sava Damjanov

THE HERITAGE OF MODERNISM: The Poetry of Milan Milišić (II) (edited by Marko Avramović)

Slavko Petaković
The Work of Milan Milišić and the Heritage of Dubrovnik Literature

Bojan Đorđević
The City on the Border and Borders of the City

Marko Avramović
Milišić’s Posthumous (Poetic) Oeuvre

CONTEXTS: Periodicals Between a Literary Form and Social Activism (I) (edited by Biljana Andonovska)

Bojana Aćamović
An Unknown Walt Whitman – Two Discoveries from the Pages of the 19th-Century American Press

Bojan Jović, Tijana Jovanović
Spiritism in Serbian Periodicals of the Late 19th and early 20th Century

Svetlana Jevtović Montua
The Anti-colonial Exhibition in Paris (1931) and the Surrealist Counterpublic

INTERTWININGS: Slavic Literatures and Video Games (I) (edited by Dejan Ajdačić)

Adam Mazurkiewicz
Computer Game, Fiction, and What’s In-Between. The Case: The Diablo Series and its Literary (Re-)Interpretations

Marzanna Uździcka
A Guide to Computer Games as a Paratext

Miloš Jocić
What did Pavić play?


Stanislava Barać
Engaged Women’s Prose Writing


Dragana Grujić
Literary Journals in Databases

Višnja Pečenčić
Romanticist Imagination in Realism: The Echoes of Wordsworth and Coleridge in the Works of Charles Dickens

Nicoletta Cabassi
“Woe to Us, Women”: The Female Issue in the play “Tergovci”

Ivana Đurić Paunović, Kristina Stevanović
Literary Text and Masculinity Studies

Milanka Todić
Misteries of the Human Head: The Iconography of Vane Živadinović Bor’s Collage

Vesna Kilibarda
Vladan Desnica and Njegoš

Vesna Dickov
Mirrors in a Labyrinth: Translations of Borges’s Texts on Literature in Separate Publications in Serbian


Adrijana Marčetić
The Rhetoric of Literary Exile (Vladimir Zorić, The Rhetoric of Exile: Duress and the Imagining of Force. Cambridge: Legenda, Modern Humanities Research Association, 2016)

Nemanja Karović
So Little Fate in Your Look ((Milo Lompar, Pohvala nesavremenosti [Praise to the Uncontemporary], Belgrade: Laguna, 2016))

Mirko Milivojević
War and the Question of Literary Aesthetic (Dragana Obradović, Writing the Yugoslav Wars: Literature, Postmodernism, and the Ethics of Representation. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016)

Jelena Marićević Balać
The “Seedlings” of Tihomir Ostojić (Tihomir Ostojić, Pitanja srpske književnosti XVIII i XIX veka [Questions of Serbian 18th- and 19th-century Literature], ed. Milica Ćuković, Novo Miloševo: Banatski kulturni centar, 2018)

International Conference The Contemporary Serbian Folklore Studies VII (Serbian Folklore Association, National Library in Kruševac, University Library “Svetozar Marković”, June 21–23, 2019, Kruševac))

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