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CONTEXTS: Written Reverse of Course: Literary and Archaeological Gap Literary and Archaeological Gap (Ed. M. Teodorski)

Marko Teodorski
Written Reverse of Course: Literary and Archaeological Gap

Staša Babić, Vladimir V. Mihajlović
The Measure of Beauty – Panhellenic Narrative Across Disciplinary Boundaries

Monika Milosavljević, Natalija Ćosić
The Archaeologist as an Author: A Critical Note of Knowledge Production

Milena Gošić
Fiction as Archaeological Interpretative Tool

Marko Teodorski
Glass Culture: A Transcendental Subject at the Crossroads of the Text and Material Culture


Sonja Veselinović
The Aesthetic and Ethical Problems of Poetic Testimony (Antony Rowland, Poetry as Testimony: Witnessing and Memory in Twentieth–century Poems, Routledge, New York–London 2014, 184 стр.)

Vesna Trijić
Comparative Literature Today (Адријана Марчетић, Зорица Бечановић Николић, Весна Елез, ур., Компаративна књижевност: теорија, тумачења и перспективе [Comparative Literature: Theory, Interpretation and Perspective], Београд: Филолошки факултет Универзитета у Београду, 2016, 502 стр.)

Nada Savković
Development of Serbian Drama in XVIII and XIX Century (Зорица Несторовић, Велико доба: историја развитка драме у српској књижевности XVIII и XIX века [The Great Era: History of Development of Drama in Serbian Literature of the 18th and 19th Century]. Београд: Klett 2016, 413 стр.)

Petra Bjelica
The First Ever Comparative Study of Shakespeare and Thomas Mann (Ewan Fernie and Tobias Döring (eds.). Thomas Mann and Shakespeare: Something Rich and Strange. Bloomsbury Academic: New York, London, Oxford, New Delhi, Sydney 2015, 256 pp.)

Jana Aleksić
The Continuity as a Condition of Uprightness (Драган Хамовић, Пут ка усправној земљи: Модерна српска поезија и њена културна самосвест [The Way to the Earth Erect: Modern Serbian Poetry and its Cultural Selfawareness], Институт за књижевност и уметност, Београд, 2016, 399 стр.)

Serbian Literature Worldwide (Упоредна истраживања 5: Српска књижевност 20. века: поетика превођења и интеркултурно истраживање [Comparative Researches 5: Serbian Literature of the 20th Century: the Poetics of Translation and Intercultural Studies], ур. Кринка Видаковић Петров, Београд: Институт за књижевност и уметност, 2016, 354 стр.)

EAM 2016 Cinquième congrès international EAM (European Network for Avant–gardes and Modernity Studies) Quête/enquête / Quest/Investigation, Université Rennes 2, France, 1–2–3 juin 2016.

List of Reviewers for 2016 (no. 158–160)

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    Literary History, as one of the leading scientific journals in Serbia, represents a place for presentment outstanding scientific results and innovative interdisciplinary researches. It also helps strengthening international cooperation in a field of science, literature and slavistic studies, as well as improving standards and quality of academic writing in country and abroad. The editorial board pays special attention to the transparency principle of authors' work.
    In 2015, Literary History was included in the international ERIH PLUS list (European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences), and, apart from the satisfaction of this achievement, this obliges us to adhere to new, more demanding standards of editing, proofreading and publication itself. The requirement to publish at least a third of our texts in other languages is only one of those standards, but a particularly important one. Since june 2017, journal is included in CEEOL.
    With the intention to further improve the quality of texts and contributions on offer, the editorial board of Literary History has added new text categories to the usual, partially renewed columns (Studies, Essays, Contributions; Terminology Guide; [Critical] Reviews and Notes). Within the framework of new categories, particular attention will be devoted to the publishing of thematic sections and problem-oriented texts. Readings of Tradition and The Heritage of Modernism are intended for contemporary insights into the literary heritage of previous centuries, i.e. a recapitulation of the literary heterogeneous and in a way still “living“ twentieth century, while Contexts will publish selected papers with a comparative, intercultural and multimedia approach. The section titled In Focus is set apart for scientific discussion of issues of particular importance for the scientific and the broader cultural public.
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